How does it work?

ShoppingTomorrow is the annual research program in which research is conducted into the most important developments within digital commerce. Spread over approximately 25 expert groups, 500 to 600 e-commerce professionals participate in ShoppingTomorrow every year.

How does it work being a ShoppingTomorrow expert?

Research year

A ShoppingTomorrow research year runs from May to January, and includes four conferences: the Kick-off in May, Shopping Today in September, ShoppingTime in November and the Webwinkel Vakdagen (‘Webstore Business Days’) in January. In addition, the expert groups meet about six times during the research year to conduct and elaborate on their research. The chairperson and the host of the group determine together with the ShoppingTomorrow team the research question that the expert group will work with during the research year. ShoppingTomorrow is therefore a research program for and by the market.


A ShoppingTomorrow expert is a professional (management level, C-level and C-level -1) in the field of (e-) commerce. As a ShoppingTomorrow expert, you have a delivery and collection obligation within the expert group, with which you work together on a research or project to improve the competitiveness of your organization and that of the Netherlands. For the expert groups, experts from retailers and brands are the most sought after. These experts have the greatest chance of being placed in the expert groups. The chairperson and the host ultimately decide who can join the expert group.

Advantages of participation as an expert

Knowledge development:

  • Free access to the four annual congresses; ShoppingTomorrow - the Kick-off, Shopping Today, ShoppingTime and the Webwinkel Vakdagen.
  • Sharing insights and best practices with other top retailers (such as Achmea,, Intergamma, and wehkamp).
  • Access to the results / presentations of all expert groups for internal use.


Display of your name, photo and company name on the ShoppingTomorrow website, in the blue paper and in the ShoppingTomorrow book.



  • Participation in a ShoppingTomorrow research year as an expert is free. It will include a time investment of around forty hours per year (including four conferences and around six expert group meetings).
  • As an expert at ShoppingTomorrow, the chairperson and the host expect you to be present at the majority of the expert group meetings.
  • The chairperson and the host expect that you can bring enough valuable knowledge into an expert group.
  • The chairperson and the host may decide during the term of the expert group not to continue with the expert if he or she has missed too many meetings or cannot bring in enough knowledge.

The chairperson is responsible for the progress and bringing the expert group together and for delivering the result of his or her expert group.

The host is the one who finances an expert group. He or she is literally the host or hostess of the expert group. The host also participates as a full participant in the group.

The chairperson and the host, together with the ShoppingTomorrow team, determine the research question, approach and profile of experts.

How does the registration process work?

Additional information

  • For the expert groups, experts from retailers and brands are the most sought after. They have the greatest chance of being placed in an expert group. Freelancers, suppliers and consultants have a small chance of being placed. For example, consultancy parties are better suited as a chair or host.
  • We try to inform everyone who has registered in good time about the progress. If anything is unclear or you want to know the status of your participation? Do contact us via or +31 (0) 318 64 85 75
  • The chairperson and the host always determine whether your experience and expertise are sufficiently in line with the subject that the expert group will be dealing with
  • You register for the next research year of ShoppingTomorrow. You will therefore not automatically participate again the year after you participated. That will depend, among other things, on the new expert groups, topics, presidents and hosts. Do you want to participate again the following year? Be sure to pass that on to the ShoppingTomorrow team.

Premium participants

Are you working for a retailer/brand and does your company want to be guaranteed to participate with three employees in an expert group and to gain extra visibility through our network? Be sure to view the possibilities as a premium participant.

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